SLEEP!  We all want it.

We all want to help our children to sleep better so we can sleep better.

That’s what this episode is all about.  Don’t miss it.

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Things we talked about:

The history of Abby and Rebecca [5:30]

How can I get my child to sleep? [11:15]

At 3 months old, only 16% sleep “through” the night [18:04]

Why is breastfeeding blamed? [20:25]

Breastfeeding is great for sleep overall [26:10]

When do babies get into deep sleep? [27:00]

Where did sleep training come from? [31:44]

What are we teaching? [39:50]

Unwinding…but not before bed [45:39]

Setting up the house/room for sleep success [57:13]

Educating parents and having the tools for success [1:03:00]

How you can find Rebecca [1:05:04]

IG- @childrens_sleep_consultant

Facebook- Rebecca Michi – Children’s Sleep Consultant

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