Are you breastfeeding a toddler?

Are you breastfeeding a newborn wondering how you possibly breastfeed a toddler?

Has someone told you to “stop breastfeeding when they can ask for it”

Breastfeeding a toddler is very different from breastfeeding a newborn.  Listen up for more info on this.  And spoiler alert – babies ask to breastfeed the minute they come out of the womb so that’s not a valid argument.

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Things we talked about:

A toddler breastfeeding freaks people out [5:02]

How old is too old? [11:41]

You cannot force a baby or toddler to nurse [12:57]

WHO and AAP recommendations [14:38]

Positioning when breastfeeding a toddler [21:11]

Nursing and solids [22:50]

Newborn vs toddler nursing [25:14]

No more pumping! [27:15]

Milk changes [32:42]

Latching and biting [34:41]

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