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Do you worry about nipple confusion?  Have you ever thought that bottle feeding is much easier for your baby than breastfeeding?  Tune in today to learn all about why bottle feeding is not easier than breastfeeding. 

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Things we talked about:

Both partners should be a breastfeeding class! [4:36]

For most families, bottle feeding is necessary [7:43]

Everyone thinks bottle feeding is easier [8:25]

Babies are born with a suck reflex [10:38]

Physiologically bottle feeding is harder for a baby [11:30]

The snoring conversation [15:00]

Creating a vacuum [17:06]

Tongue position: breast and bottle [20:46]

Do babies burn more energy breastfeeding? [22:37]

Nipple confusion [25:39]

Emotional attachment to breastfeeding [31:49]

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